Affordable Attribution Software for the Busy Digital Marketer to Quickly ​Optimize Paid Media Spend

Say Goodbye to the Dirty Work & Let Algorithms Transform Your Marketing Data into Dollars

Nobody wants more data...Digital Marketers need an easy way to take actions that drive profitable growth!

  • If you can't connect marketing activities to revenue ~ you're leaving a lot of money on the table...
  • If you can't track Cost per Sale for each segment ~ you're wasting a lot of time optimizing the wrong things...
  • If you need a team of programmers/analysts to aggregate & interpret your data ~ we have a better way...

Stop Guessing & Start Tracking

​You Can't Improve Efficiency Without ​Visibility ​of ​Granular​ Performance

But...​Data Alone Won't Cut It

​​Real Insights Come from People & AI, Not "Business Intelligence" Software

So...​Think Less & Profit More

We Do the Heavy Lifting to Read the Data & ​Show the Right Levers to Pull​

Prove & Improve Marketing ROI

​Granular​ Revenue Attribution for Offline Conversion Events ​

ProfitMole is the first revenue attribution software designed to help translate sales & marketing data into actionable insights that improve Marketing ROI.

Partner with us to dig up intel buried in your CRM, web analytics, paid media and customer data.  Without lifting a finger, receive a prioritized list of opportunities to eliminate waste and maximize return on investment.

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​​Shane Stone, Founder

Cost-per-Lead is an illusion!  Businesses that thrive in today's noisy world are those that know exactly how much profit they earn from every penny invested in marketing.  Marketers will soon be run out of the profession unless they embrace Profit as the measure of success for all optimization and expansion efforts.