Business Intelligence Software - AdWords Revenue Attribution

Why the %[email protected]# Does the World Need Another Business Intelligence Solution?

Because Data is Worthless Until a Person (or A.I.) Uses It to Solve Real Business Problems

Every advancement in marketing & business intelligence software served a purpose but they are the beginning, not the end.

  • ​Dashboards and reporting tools aren't enough​
  • SEM management software isn't enough
  • PPC optimization tools and scripts aren't enough
  • Revenue attribution software still isn't enough

Each adds a higher level of visibility but they all fall short with the same problem. What does the data mean and what do I do with it?!?

What's the #1 reason a new software gets the chance to deliver it's full value?

People...9/10 times, without the right people a new software will end up collecting digital dust until the subscription renewal date.

Why people?  Because it takes a certain skill set to analyze multiple data sources, search for the golden nuggets then prioritize a list of action items that are the best use of your time, attention and resources.

But the reality is nobody wants to pony-up for a team of programmers, tech-savvy marketers and data analysts.  

Nobody wants more data...they need AI-Powered optimization ideas that do the heavy lifting for them!

Best practice is to spend 30 hours of analysis for every 10 hours of action.  

Otherwise, how do you know you're taking the right action?

Stop flying blind and let algorithms do the 30 hours of data dirty work to identify high-value optimization ideas that deliver results.

Put Artificial Intelligence to Work & Deliver Optimization Ideas You'd Never Find

Finally, a "Smart" Business Intelligence Solution for Effortless Optimization

Frequently Answered Questions

#1 - Is it hard to use?

NO.  Most people don’t even find the need to learn the software because our algorithmic optimization ideas are so impactful.  You can also get the exact data you want to see delivered to your email to review with your morning coffee.

#2 - How can anything valuable be 100% Free?  Is there a catch?

Our goal is to prove the power of our sophisticated algorithms with your own data.  Once you make changes that save you money, we hope you'll be curious about everything we offer to maximize the return on your marketing investments.  

#3 - Is it only Google Ads or can you help optimize other channels?

Of course not, but most customers start with the Google Ads version.  Why?  Because it’s the fastest and easiest way to see a return for your investment.  Baby steps.  Master Google Ads efficiency then expand to other channels and departments.

#4 - How can I tell if this is a good fit for my organization?

If you spend or manage account with more than $10k/month with Google Ads we might be able to help, but we won't know for sure until you do the analysis.  You might be the 1 in a Million that has eliminated all the waste possible.  Give us a chance, we won't disappoint!

Get your 100% free Google Ads ROI Analysis & receive cost-saving ideas that you'd never find on your own!