​Unbiased Performance Report that Gives You Answers, Not More Questions

See Your Messy Sales & Marketing Data through the Eyes of a Marketing Analyst

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Gone are the days where a business can throw caution to the wind and recklessly spend money to acquire new customers.  Everything must prove its value or else it gets tossed out with yesterday's garbage.

Leaky bucket theory…

Profit is a result of growth & efficiency – which in simple terms means finding and plugging every leak and maximizing every opportunity. 

Imagine your business as the bucket, there’s a filter at the top of the bucket that automatically stops X% of the water that’s pouring in (fixed costs).

You keep dumping water (revenue) into that bucket and the water level (profit) should rise, right?  

Wrong. The more water you pour into the bucket adds pressure, creates weaknesses and seeks out existing holes and makes them bigger.

​So all you have to do is streamline each of these bottlenecks and – poof – more water left in the bucket, right?!?

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy…finding these holes usually involves multiple data sources, a team of programmers and a data scientist to keep the “normals” from pulling their hair out from data overload.

And that only gets you to a place where you have correctly identified the holes…then how do you take actions without making other holes bigger?   I’m sure you’ve had the experience before where you make a change in one place and you don’t even think it could affect something else. 

Story of how ProfitMole was born…

Back in 2012, when we ran a PPC Agency, we struggled with how to shine a light on the value we created for clients.  This is still a huge problem today and the difficulty of measuring success has gotten harder in today’s multi-device, distraction marketing world. 

The choice was clear, find a solution that makes it easier to optimize for profit or close the business. 

As the saying goes, only build if there’s nothing available to buy.

It was so frustrating that they all had major sticking points that left a bad taste in our mouth:

The cheap options…

  • Require endless hours of custom programming just to get back to square one that we were doing manually with spreadsheets
  • Once setup it would work for a 50k foot view but the real wins come from analyzing performance on a granular level, which ruled out the cheap options.

The expensive options…

  • Required more implementation, training and had to change work process/workflows.  We just wanted better information, not to change how we take action on that information.
  • Required us to change tagging & data structures so we’d have to now keep their rules in mind with every new ad/keyword, which would stop us from being nimble
  • ​Are almost impossible to customize beyond their pre-defined box of what data I should look at, combine and compare
  • All left us with a sense of wanting more. Even if they provided “insights” they were very narrow focused and not helpful in making decisions. 

After evaluating all our options it almost seemed better to throw in the towel and stick with the current manual reporting method, lots of spreadsheets and cursing.  But our lives flashed before our eyes as we thought back how much time we’d wasted on reporting activities over the years.  Doing nothing wasn’t an option!

 The only way out was to build a reporting system designed for marketers, by marketers.  And it has to be

  • ​No messy process changes
  • ​No risky implementation
  • N​o training or special skills required
  • And most importantly - it has to deliver marketers ​the exact data they need to make decisions so they can get back hours a week to what they do best, drive more qualified traffic and increase conversion rates.

Leaky bucket repair (as a service)

Fast forward until today…the Agency business is gone so we could focus on ProfitMole and help businesses operate with frightening efficiency.

Our proprietary revenue attribution software is the backbone of our solution, but nobody wants or needs new software. What they need is expertise.  They need someone to help make sense of the chaos, someone to identify weaknesses and opportunities and someone to make recommendations about what actions are worth taking now.

This might sound like mumbo-jumbo, and for good reason.  If you’ve never relied on data to make decisions it’s almost impossible to imagine without seeing it in action, with your own numbers.

That’s why most new customers start a relationship with a Growth & Efficiency Audit.  Call it a Trial.  Call it a Pilot.  Call it whatever you want.  The Growth & Efficiency Audit gives businesses a chance to dip their toe in the water before committing the resources and energy to a long-term solution.

Here’s what you’ll give…

  • A small one-time fee
  • A couple hours of your time

Here’s what you’ll get in return…

  • Initial strategy session to give context about what areas you think need the most attention
  • Detailed report​ that highlight top opportunities to eliminate waste & realize hidden opportunities
  • Closing ​strategy session to ask questions about how to implement the findings

Here’s our desired outcome for this initial engagement…

  • Every company has 10% of their advertising that costs much more than average
  • Imagine taking that 10% and re-investing it into your best performing campaign
  • You’d be spending the same marketing budget and making more sales!

It’s an eye-opening experience when you see how it works with your own data.  Most customers first reaction is, “Wow, I didn’t even realize that was happening”.  They see how they can take action on our recommendations and make back our modest fee within the first month.  Then every month after will be free money in the bank!

​​A note from Shane Stone, our Founder.

“I’ve walked a mile in your shoes, both as a business owner and a marketing manager being held to higher standards of performance.  It disgusts me to think that the most well-versed marketers in history still spend half their life putting together reports.  We’re leading the mission to free our creative minds from data overload so we can do what we do best.  Our mission is to elevate marketers to learn, grow and be recognized for their contribution to the bottom line.  We’re at the very beginning of our journey and I hope our company can help make a difference in your life and business.”

Sounds interesting, how do I find out if a Growth & Efficiency Audit is right for my business?

Every company is different but a Growth & Efficiency Audit can help every company who spends at least $10,000 per month in paid customer acquisition (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, etc). 

Here’s a few things customers have mentioned that apply to any industry, size or role with the company.

  • Provide independent validation to give peace of mind ​that there's no surprises around the corner
  • Know with confidence that you’re getting the most out of your marketing investments
  • Gain clarity and visibility into performance you didn’t know possible
  • Give you a sense of satisfaction knowing you and/or your people are doing a good job
  • Earn the trust of a marketing skeptic who controls the budget
  • Make you look smart to your boss/client/investors and pass off our findings as your own
  • Give back time that you can use to do work you love or have more free-time

​But I've ​been burned in the past...

We're so confident this is a good investment we'll back it up with a ​100% money-back guarantee.

Even though this is already a bite-sized way to start a relationship with us, here’s our guarantee to you.

During your Audit Delivery call you'll receive an automatic refund if we aren't able to show you at least a 4x return on your investment.  There hasn't been a company yet we can't make more profitable.

Please realize we also reserve the right to refund you at any point.  We won’t hesitate to refund your money if one of the two situations occurs:

  1. ​You aren’t cooperative with our implementation team.  If you can’t complete a few simple steps ​​there's little chance you can follow through on our recommendations.  ​Every customer deserves success, and if that's not possible it's better we end ​the relationship early.

  2. During the initial call we might determine it's too early for you to worry about Efficiency.  We'll make the recommendation to part ways then you can try and convince us otherwise.  ​

Everyone should experience freedom from data overload, and this money-back guarantee will ensure that this won’t be another one of those purchases that you regret.

​Do your competitors know something you don't?

Have you ever wondered why one of your competitors doesn’t show up for a specific Google search?

Maybe they know something you don’t?  Maybe they have data that shows it’s not profitable to advertise to that keyword?  Maybe they’re laughing at everyone else that’s wasting their money?

You’ll never know until you start tracking.  Data gets more valuable over time, and eventually the winner in your market will be the one with the best data.

​​A bold prediction...​

Next year when you reflect on what made this year different the #1 reason will be “Made the investment to implement a profit optimization solution”.   Hopefully it’s ours.

Let us get to work, and help take your business to the next level.